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Our main activity is expertise in E-reputation.
E-reputation is the sum of what is being said about you on the Internet and what you have published.

Professionals are concerned!

Well mastered, a good E-reputation is a source of a favourable and caring image and often, for professional activities, of profits. And when the E-reputation is left to chance from the publications of “others”, the risk of seeing it crumbling is very high. And then, the results are obvious: decrease of the market shares, lower turnover and sometimes more… The issue is the well-being of the company and the maintenance of employment.

Individuals at risk

For individuals, the stakes are sometimes financial, but often psychological, because the destruction of a person by his or her E-reputation on the web is not uncommon… And, considering the development of the use of the web (via smartphone) by children, the effects can be devastating and cause some diseases, depression or suicides. Is that what we want? No, a thousand times no!

Net’Wash, the cure?

Our experienced and competent agency is part of the very select club of a few agencies that achieve 100% results in France and now abroad.

The level of risk of being attacked on the Internet is particularly high when you belong to high-profile environment, when you are publicized (regardless of your profession) for yourself or because you are close to a celebrity, or when you work in a field where the financial, human, political stakes are very high. This risk needs to be anticipated, mastered, and if it is already materialized by any attack, stopped! The E-reputation must then be repaired.

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Net'Wash reacts, strikes and repairs

Toutes nos activités - Vip only

We are the only ones in Europe to offer a guarantee: cleaning the first page of Google’s website in approximately six to eight months (except for some rating sites, but other tools exist).

Legal weapons: we systematically use formal notices (except with the media). Sometimes we have to go to court and, to do so, we have established very strong relationships with French lawyers (partnership with Praeferentia) and we work on a daily basis with one of them. With the effectiveness of the formal notice reaching approximately 30% of cases, we treat all the rest by burial and our related tools.

Burial: in order to wipe out malicious comments, the agency uses “over-communication” by constantly creating positive content, thanks to numerous technical solutions varying computer servers, platforms, etc.

Netlinking: Google’s referencing algorithm (PageRank) is built on the credibility and the authority of brands, names. Using netlinking, it deals with the creation of a network of links oriented to the web page we want to highlight.

Of course, the agency benefits from a specific know-how that goes beyond of what is summarized here. Discretion being one of the essential components of the services offered, the business leader, Stéphane Alaux and his collaborators act on request, in function of personalised meetings and on a case-by-case basis.