Premium Online Reputation Management Agency

Vip Only, E-Reputation Agency for
Vip & VVIP, managers and public figures.

Because you are not “just anyone”…
You cannot entrust the management of your E-Reputation to

VIP Only is the E-Reputation agency for VIPs and premium brands since the last century.
Our commitments:
– Absolute confidentiality;
– Immediate reactivity;
– Excellence of the technical staff;
– High-end concierge service.

Net’Wash’s VIP department is composed of experts in crisis management:
– Digital crisis management;
– Bad buzz ;
– Damage to the image;
– Digital heritage;
– Prevention & Digital bodyguarding (risk management).

Our customers:
VIP: politicians, public figures, business people, executives, jet set, etc.
Premium brands: luxury, finance, CAC 40, etc.

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Indeed, the web is nowadays a kind of Wild West…. But in XXL version

As for the inhabitants of this virtual Wild West, they are very real: there are the good guys and the bad guys who, one as well as the other, advance hidden… But especially the bad guys! Some are well identified: we are talking about mafias of all kinds, crooks, grazers, terrorist financiers and, if their attacks are devastating, there is no real surprise in having to face them, if necessary. The surprise (bad) comes from those who hide well behind friendly faces and those can hurt you even more, because they know you well: they are your family, your friends, your close collaborators…

In any case, these people are waiting for only one thing: to find the technical or informational flaw in a network concerning you to rush into it and then…. We know the rest. You are under a real attack, your image is degraded, your professional activities are seriously disrupted, or even in bankruptcy, it is the descent into hell.

It happened to you. Or not yet… But if you are a well-known person in your sector, if you have a public image, the risk is high.

In both cases, VIP Only is the right response to the crisis, or the right ally to anticipate it.

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All our customers benefit from the "Tao Prestige" concierge service free of charge.
VIP ONLY is in partnership with Tao Prestige for the well-being of its VIP customers.
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VIP Only
Custom size services for you

Individual support in complete confidentiality, knowledge of the environment, responsiveness and strike force, repair and additional services to support you in this difficult time.

It is also TAO Prestige, a very high level concierge service, whose employees are also at your disposal to make you forget these attacks that impact your daily life.

Our Services

Vip digital bodyguard

“I am the shield that guards the realms of men”. This famous reply of the Games of Thrones series could summarize the services offered by the company Net’Wash.


E-reputation crisis management

A good reputation will put the client in a good position. However, a bad reputation will put an end to the discussion.


Bad buzz management

In case of bad buzz for its VIP clients, Net’Wash has the parade… The bad buzz is a danger that every company runs.


E-reputation prevention

In order to avoid to repair your e-reputation, the best way is not to lose it!


Constant surveillance

One of the assets of prevention is the monitoring of the main points of impact of people on the web!


Adequate staff

VIP Only is surrounded by qualified collaborators who are motivated to satisfy a very demanding clientele.