Online ReputationPrevention

Is your public image developing on the web?
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In order to avoid having to repair your E-reputation, the best way is not to lose it!

It is impossible to have certainties on that, but the “bar blow” is always possible. Nevertheless, a good prevention can prevent the worst. Indeed, when what happens on laptop and smartphone screens impacts the private or professional life, action must be taken. It deals with very important issues related to life projects, those of your professional or social activity, of your family life…

The “bad review”, the defamation will change the relationship you have with your clients, your prospects, your collaborators, your acquaintances. This is not insignificant and it will be too late if you let the boat sail without a pilot…

From the moment you have a public exposure, you have to be accompanied on how to manage your virtual image. A certain number of actions have to be implemented, on the advice of a professional. A simple phone appointment will allow you to see what safeguards you have in order to anticipate problems. And if they are already there, we can manage them, because we know how to delete reviews, bury them and make them disappear.

In any case, you can count on a team experienced in the field of VIP E-reputation prevention for VIP, it is our daily job!

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