Who is Stephane Alaux, director of Net’Wash and VIP Only?
Expert in digital communication and virtual human relations

Coming from the world of communication and advertising, Stephane Alaux has been interested in the field of digital identity since the advent of the Internet. He provides 20 years of experience in digital identity, search marketing, digital business that he offers to his clients.

With a creative perspective on the evolution of the digital world and Web 2.0, he has become a trendsetter in natural referencing and E-business. As a recognized expert in SEO, he founded a French SEO and webmarketing company, called “E-visibilité”.

Quite quickly, the digital agency www.internet-lyon.fr followed, before Stéphane created a few years later, the E-reputation agency www.net-wash.fr .

By quickly understanding the entrepreneurial stakes of the dangers of the web, he positions himself as a whistleblower to government authorities about the danger that cybercrime represents concerning companies. He pleads for more information and awareness of companies about the urgency for them to secure and protect their information systems.

At the initiative of the French operation: “E-Reputation of French companies: is there a pilot in the place?” He allows companies and leaders to audit their E-reputation at no cost, directly on the web and without any commitment.

Stéphane Alaux is involved in several business organizations in order to raise awareness among their members in terms of E-reputation and cybercrime, he is also an E-reputation expert for some French televison media such as France2 and M6.

Also memeber of:

  • Réseau Ethic
  • Only Lyon
  • E-Reputation Advisor to Praeferentia and lawyers of several French Bars

BOOK: Digital prints
Travel Notebook of a web cleaner

Launch of the first book of Stéphane Alaux on December 1st 2019: Digital prints – travel notebook of a web cleaner

E-Reputation crisis and web attack

“He” or “she” did not expect it: being demean by a very popular information website… And then, the only idea that comes to mind is: I will explode this screen and vanish forever of the web… Well yes, we can damage your screen but you cannot disappear of the web, which has an incredible memory.

A unpleasant surprise of that kind is particularly damaging for the prominent people from politics, information or film industries, or even show business… The one who has some things to hide on the web will have trouble to throw the dust under the carpet and act like nothing happened.

Entrepreneurs attacked

As ambassadors of the brand or the company, the directors are very often the first targets of the brand detractors. In my E-Reputation agency, we receive some calls of distress, without exaggeration, of people who fall from the very top… And who never have thought that this could happen to them…

For instance, the honest boss who is dismantled by an employee for serious misconduct or simply a competitor being jealous of his success.

Often, through the logic of time, these business leaders do not belong to the world of “web natives” and are therefore very confused by what is happening to them. It is the same for mediatized people: a media that has praised their brand suddenly turns against them! And then it is an assured “Panic on board” and a succession of incoherent behaviors and decisions that only aggravate the process…