E-réputationCrisis Management

When the virtual business card …
is a time bomb.

When a business card is handed to a customer, the first thing that he notices is the logo of the company, even before seeing the name of its interlocutor.

From there, a connexion is made between the name and what it evokes: the company’s reputation. Thus, reputation is the first thing that allows a client to make his own opinion on his interlocutor. On the one hand, a good reputation puts the client in a good mood. On the other hand, a bad reputation will put an end to the dialogue.

E-reputation uses the same mechanisms with the only difference that it appears on the web via opinion websites, comments, digital articles and other thumbs up.

If yesterday the reputation of a company took years to be built, today, because of the immediacy of information dissemination online, a reputation can shatter immediately.

We will then speak of a crisis, and that is to say “crisis management”.

VIP ONLY, the web cleaner
is a company specialized in this type of management

Its recognized experts will fight in two areas: the legal and the technical.

First of all, the legal system is there to stop the haemorrhage and the spread of the crisis. Net’Wash, thanks to its partnership with Praeferentia, the lawyer’s marketplace, immediately develops a legal remedy, after the call for help from the person or company. If it deals with a written publication or a video, the lawyer sends a formal notice to the host and in 90% cases, the content is deleted.

Once the tourniquet is made, the technical aspect takes over. Its main purpose is to repair the damage. It is a kind of digital surgery that is performed. The idea is to rebuilt the E-reputation by producing positive content that highlights the successes and the added value of the company in order to feed the natural referencing on the search engines until the bad buzz slows down and is finally wiped out under good buzz. At the end of this process, Net’Wash will give you your E-reputation back and will ensure that you are protected in order that such disappointments will not be repeated.