Play on the front line
Or stay in back up

Lawyers are sometimes our clients but most of the time they are our partners.

For people whose activities are at the head of the line and consequently highly visible, it is common to have one or several lawyers at your disposal in order to manage day-to-day business.

In that specific case, since E-reputation is a “new” activity, all business law firms are not able to manage the digital part of a cyber-attack.

This is why a close collaboration between our two activities is the key to success, when someone’s E-reputation is jeopardized. The game that is playing between the aggressor and our services is a doubles match. We undertake all the works that are necessary to stop the haemorrhage on the web, we implement the diversion and control tools.

Supervised by our law firm

Our lawyer partners take some legal measures necessary to the claim for compensation, as soon as the aggressor has been identified by our services.

As soon as the crisis appears, the work in tandem is necessary to assess the importance of the crisis and its potential consequences and therefore take the necessary measures in the right order and in the right time.

We also intervene in response to the lawyers’ requests who are not specialized in web-related issues and we are able to satisfy their clients who are facing an attack. Our reactivity is instant, sometimes simply online.

The “family” lawyer can thus exceed his usual boundaries and have the possibility to support his traditional client, even if the subject is outside of his jurisdiction.