Land corporations& Real Estate Compagnies

The discretion on the frontage does not avoid the danger…
You know your customers well, they trust you

Your companies are responsible for creating, managing and operating real estate portfolios for their professional or private clients.

These companies quickly become “multi-functional” during the property management process, because they have to build close relationships with their sponsors, almost a family relationship, and to subscribe to many specific needs in order to maintain and enhance the heritage, develop it or market it. This leads you to be in contact with many service providers from all trades, each with the information necessary to carry out its service, but each one is not always well intentioned…

This very specific burden related to asset management means that the employees dedicated to one or several sponsors, who trust them, are necessarily aware of the hazards of life and of any issue of annoyance aimed at attacking this asset and therefore the people who hold it.

The reliability of your image is an obligation
And what if you were the entity involved in a cyber-attack?

How many time would you have left before your clients leave your offices and entrust their asset to someone else, who has not online reputation issues?

Think and understand, you, land corporations and real estate companies, you would be wise protect your companies from this type of risk by calling on an expert such as Net’Wash.

And regarding your clients, whose financial and real estate resources can become a target for the “bad guys” who are themselves well organized to lead an E-reputation attack, you are very well qualified to advise them, and in that case, Net’Wash becomes for you a natural partner, even if it is “asleep” until the moment your company will have to intervene…

In discretion and efficiency, Net’Wash knows the answers to anticipate and to repair.

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