VipDigital Bodyguard

In the spotlight,
The E-reputation of VIP
must be protected 24 hours a day

I am the shield that guards the realms of men

This famous reply of the “Games of Thrones” series could summarize the services provided by Net’Wash to public figures public personalities from every field (politicians, athletes, people from the world of culture, etc.).

I am the digital response that protects your public image on the web” : here is our replica ideally adapted to your expectations. Indeed, where the bodyguard ensures the physical protection of a VIP, Net’Wash will protect, behind the lines, the E-reputation of the latter. When we know that you have more than 8 out of 10 chances of suffering from an attack more or less important and therefore more or less destructive for your image, the threat cannot be decently ignored.

But then,
How can the Net’Wash company protect you?

By dissecting blogs and ranking websites on which the attacks occur, but also by doing the hunt of online slanderous articles towards the person under digital protection, Net’Wash acts as a true web cleaner. The company, led by its founder Stéphane Alaux offers a tailor-made solution for each need and each type of attack.  

On social media that are now becoming essential for influencers worldwide, the watch is also at its maximum alert level. Twitter or Facebook, even if they allow a direct contact with followers, are true pitfalls. Without systematically talking about reputation, it is essential to guarantee the protection of the client’s image. Thus, concerning each attack identified on social media, a parade is immediately implemented in order to neutralize the damaging entity (hateful comments, fake news, insults, etc.). It is essential to keep in mind that a fire begins with a little spark. Here is why it is so important to react, because you, VIP, deserve the best protection in order to maintain your brand image.

With Net’Wash by your side, you now benefit from a great ally to protect you from people that could harm the causes you defend and objectives you pursue!